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Light Commercial

Light Commercial

At RE-Finishing we don’t just complete body work repairs and re-sprays on cars, we like to go that bit further and offer our solutions for drivers of light commercial vehicles as well.

Often body work repair businesses can be put off by the sheer scale of vans, however RE-Finishing simply views it as any other vehicle that rolls into our garage.

Light commercials often experience more general wear and tear than the everyday car due to the regular use in the day to day tasks of businesses. Inevitably scrapes, dents and scratches can then sometimes become a regular occurrence, even more so when considering the higher proportion of blind spots on light commercial vehicles resulting in the higher probability of engaging in more accidents. It’s because of this that we offer this service as we understand that for some companies their van is there business and without it the whole business comes to a standstill. We therefore want to ensure that the work we do for your vehicle is completed in the quickest possible time to get you and your light commercial back in business as soon as possible.

We guarantee our experienced staff will give you the best estimates and quotes for the accurate completion of the task at hand. Get in touch for your estimation and we’ll take it from there.



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